The  Blood Cancer Registry In Nigeria (BRING)  is an online national database project designed to collate epidemiological data of people with blood cancers seen in all teaching hospitals, federal medical centers, specialist hospitals, general hospitals as well as private hospitals and clinics in Nigeria. BRING opened for enrollment on July 1, 2020. We hope that in the nearest future, BRING will become the go-to register for epidemiological data of blood cancers in Nigeria. To learn more about BRING, check the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

As a haematologist practicing in Nigeria, if you will like to contribute patient data to the registry, Sign Up to get log in details. After you receive your user name and password, to enroll a patient on the register, Log In (watch the video on How To below).

Frequently asked questions

The Registry is for the collection of demographics, diagnosis information and survival data only. No samples or lab results are required. The haematologist (or designated individual) will enter the patient’s relevant information into the registry after obtaining appropriate consent from the patient or caregiver.

Yes. The Registry is not only for newly diagnosed patients. It is also to capture patients currently undergoing treatment, blood cancer survivors and deceased patients. The data entry should ideally be started with newly diagnosed patients from July 1, 2020. Patients that have been previously diagnosed can also be entered retrospectively and their data updated from time to time.

Patient or caregiver consent is needed. Consent will be taken according to institutional and national guidelines.

Data collection is via completion of online data entry forms on a secured platform. A user account will be opened for you when you sign up to be part of the project. If you will like any of your assistants to do this on your behalf, we can also create an access for them.

It takes approximately two to three (2-3) minutes.

In order to avoid duplication, double entry of patients on the register will be regularly checked and both entries will be merged if additional information is present in one. For this to be effective, full names and correct date of birth of the patients should always be entered.

You will be able to input record and view only data you put in the database. A summary statistics of all the registry data will be provided daily on This will not include any institutional name, clinician or patient details. 

The epidemiological data that will be derived from BRING will be beneficial to all hematologists in Nigeria. In addition, we can collaborate with you on any blood cancer-related research project you are currently doing or intend to do. We are willing to use our platform to help you store your clinical data and will make it available to you for your research free of charge. This is in addition to several other areas of collaboration including sample storage, sample and data analysis and provision of research grants which we hope to provide in the nearest future.

However, should you wish to partner with the Foundation on a blood cancer-related research, you will need to provide the required relevant institutional ethical approval.

The epidemiological data to be derived from BRING will benefit blood cancer patients by assisting haematologists and other stakeholders in blood cancer to plan adequately and provide the necessary interventions to lead to a cure for blood cancers. In the White Cell Foundation, it will assist us in our educational, support and research programs for blood cancer patients.

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