September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. This year and always, we are united as ONE BLOOD in the fight against blood cancer in Nigeria. To this end, The White Cell Foundation has put together a social media awareness campaign throughout the month of September. To participate, kindly see the details below:


(1) Make a 1-minute video of yourself while miming the first verse of The White Cell Foundation’s Theme Song, titled Keep Going. At the point in the song where ONE BLOOD is mentioned, make a hand gesture with your index finger having red ink on it.

(2) Before the 1-minute video ends, please make a statement of pledge to the cause:
“My name is …………
I’ve made my OneDonation
For a blood cancer-free world
If 1 naira is all you can afford
Do it for #OneBlood”

(3) Upload the video, using the following hashtags: #OneBlood #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth
#KeepGoing #TWCF #TheWhiteCellFoundation
And Tag our handles on your video: @thewhitecellfo1 (on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok)

(4) Get your family and friends to view and share the video and also make their own videos.


(1) Make a donation in figures of 1 (e.g. N1000, N10000, N100000, N1000000, etc) via our online donation portal to help raise N10,000,000 to support 100 blood cancer patients with their treatment.

(2) Encourage your family and friends to also make their ONE DONATION.


(1) You can also support the campaign by ordering for the souvenir (ONE KIT) for N10,000 which comprises of a branded face cap, a face mask and a T-shirt packaged in a carrier bag.
*Free delivery to anywhere in Lagos only.

Thank you for being a part of this charitable cause. Together, we will forge A BLOOD BOND TO CONQUER CANCER.